Why I left social media & regret it:

I can say with confidence that those who know me know where I stand on most things. I’m not shy when it comes to my opinion. That is why after the 2016 election I disappeared from social media. Deleting it all felt so right. Nothing was sacred. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, even Pinterest were deleted permanently. I didn’t want to see or hear about anything or anyone because I was so deeply disappointed and disgusted by many of the people that I care abouts presidential candidate choice.

Then *BOOM* life punched me in the stomach. My son was going through a terrible time. It became clear we needed to pull him out of public school & begin our crazy new homeschool life that I never saw coming. I needed to find support. Google was too informative and weeding through everything was overwhelming. I needed to know what the state requirements were. I needed *gasp* a facebook support group. After going through all the hoops to permanently delete my social media accounts, I was making a new one in the hope it would ease my worried mind.

Boy, did it. Almost immediately I had the answers I needed. I was able to find (through direction in these Facebook groups) a like minded local homeschooling group. However, I was still plugging my nose at the thought of palletting anything my friends and family with opposing political views would or could potentially post.

So, I tried to stay low key at first. I only added like minded friends and family. I was resentful and if I’m being honest, I’m still a bit resentful. That side of me probably won’t change, but what has is my awareness of their feelings. Of their right to not only disagree with me, but of mine to still care about them & be considerate of their reasons without selling out my truth. As time continued, as I read more, as I took some deep breaths…I began to open back up. Adding more friends & family that I love unconditionally, no matter who they voted for.

Some days I’m still upset at the way my country that I dearly love is going. The difference is, I understand that these people I care so much about…they were trying to do the best that they felt they could do too. We clearly don’t agree with what the best is, does that make them bad people? No. Does it make me a bad person? No.
I’ve had Facebook since 2006. My eldest daughter was born October 2006. All those memories are not attached to my new account. Messages, pictures, videos…gone. Yes, I did upload everything from Facebook. It’s truly just not the same. I had my Instagram account since 2010. My son was born December 2009. Memories all backed up, but no ‘on this day’ reminders that have always meant so much to me. In one angry resentful swoop, *poof* – they’re gone.

If I could go back, I would suspend my accounts & just take a break from social media. I’d look internally at what is important & focus myself onto those aspects. I wouldn’t sever ties with people that I genuinely like who may never speak to me again nor understand why I cut them loose. Most importantly, I’d still have all those precious memories to share easily with you all. My family is my heart. I will never make such a silly mistake again.

My friends who know me forgave me immediately with no grief. I truly feel lucky to have these people in my life. Even if they’re politics make me crazy (and vise versa, I’m sure), it’s worth it just having their love and support in my life.

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