Omaha Girls Rock Camp

2 weeks ago Lily was wrapping up Omaha Girls Rock Camp. This was a week we had been excited for since my friend, Alanna, had suggested I check it out for Lily in January.

During camp week the kids learned about their being inclusive, songwriting, vocal instruction, stage confidence, meditation, & yoga, on top of a weeks worth of instrument instruction. Some of them hadn’t ever played their instruments before! Lily picked the drums & has been playing them for a couple of years (with a looooong break, well over a year, just before camp.) But knowing the gist of an instrument is a bit better than nothing! The confidence in all these kids by the day of their showcase was obvious.

I was so excited by Saturday. I was seriously fan-girling majorly. Idgaf. Her band named themselves The Flaming Hot Cheeto Dragons & their supervisor made them all t-shirts for the day of the show. I wish I could have bought one! They were pretty awesome.

As far as the drums were concerned, Lily killed them. KILLED THEM! Strangers even came up & said “you were awesome!” & her drum instructor gave her the biggest & longest hug.🤗 I loved the environment & Lily will ABSOLUTELY be doing it again next year.

Please enjoy, The Girl I Used To Be by The Flaming Hot Cheeto Dragons:


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